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Increase the efficiency of your company in

foreign trade operations. Come to  Caravan do Brasil.

About Caravan do Brazil

With 10 years of experience in the market, Caravan services are recognized for their agility, security and transparency. High performance ERP and technology make the control of each process clear, precise and easy to understand.

Count on our experience to optimize your Foreign Trade operations. Contact us now.

360º Import

All steps and processes with real-time follow-up and monitoring by our experts.

Full Track Export

Comprehensive advice and 24/7 monitoring in an efficient and responsive system.

Your most agile and competitive company using the Caravan International system.


Experience of our customers and partners:

"We were having a problem related to invoices to make a dispatch. I searched for help from other companies that said to me it would be impossible to make it. I got in contact with Caravan and in 24 hours we were able to make the dispatch. I recommend!"

Afonso Westphal

Diretor - Equestre Americas.

“Caravan is a partner of Ativa Group, that values agility, ethics and clarity in its operation. A professional and reliable company which demonstrates every day a promising future for business expansion."


Director -  Grupo  Ativa.

“My experience with Caravan do Brasil was very positive! I had been importing goods for some time, but the costs were high, and my business was unfeasible. After hiring the Account & Order service from a third party, with guidance from Caravan's team of experts, I had a significant cost reduction and progressive increase in earnings!"


Empresário - Loja do Turco.

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Call Central Caravan.: +55 (47) 3268-1250  

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Office 2300 - 3ª Avenida, 1145 - S62  Centro, Baln. Camboriú - SC, 88330-083

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