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Extensive expertise in Foreign Trade,

which translates into efficiency

and high profitability.

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In a transparent and agile manner, Caravan do Brasil is a reference in import services, both for its network of partners and for its tax know-how.

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Full track service, where the customer has advice 24/7 of their cargo and Caravan do Brasil manages all the bureaucratic and logistics.

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Study the costs and expenses of import

and export, determining the viability and rate

of return for your project.

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Comprehensive advice for the Drawback benefit - aimed at companies that import raw materials and then export the final product.



Support in the search for products and suppliers abroad, as well as production monitoring, quality control and safe shipment of your order.

Caravan do Brasil Differentials


Operating for 10 years in the foreign trade segment, Caravan do Brasil has precise solutions for the success of its business.


We deliver solutions that go beyond the operational field, optimizing resources and boosting your profits.


Count on full tracking and complete and up-to-date reports of all transit steps, resulting in peace of mind and transparency.

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